A unique dual degree, multi-continent program for recent business graduates.

Due to continued travel restrictions to and from China, the Global 3 program has been suspended for the 2023-24 academic year.
Updates on admissions for future years will be posted as soon as circumstances permit.

3 Continents. 2 Master’s Degrees. 1 Amazing Year

Experience how business is done in Europe, China and the United States. Build the cutting-edge analytical and soft skills, the rock-solid understanding and the deep multi-cultural insights to drive a successful career in global business.

The Global 3 Programme takes you from UVA McIntire School of Commerce to Lingnan University College and Esade Business School: 3 world-class business schools, 3 continents, 3 unique opportunities to acquire the trans-national flexibility, the knowledge, the networks and the global mind-set to lead business anywhere in the world. Graduate with a dual degree in global strategy. And kick-start your career in international business today.

M.S. in Global Commerce

McIntire School of Commerce,
University of Virginia



Certificate in International

Lingnan (University) College,
Sun Yat-sen University



M.S. in Global Strategic

Esade Business School,
Ramon Llull University



Class Profile


class enrollment


job placement within 3 months of graduation


Found a job outside their home country


mid-80% GMAT range



Belgium · China · Cyprus · France · Hungary · India · Italy · Netherlands · Norway · Portugal · Slovenia · Spain · United States of America

Academic Background

86% Business and Management

11% Economics

4% Social Sciences

Return on Investment

Graduates will gain:

  • A global mindset
  • An understanding of how business is done globally
  • A framework of global strategy
  • Skills to drive innovation, forge alliances, and create positive change
  • Ability to manage complex cross-cultural teams

Charlottesville is located just 2 hours from Washington DC on the east coast of the USA and six hours from New York City, Charlottesville is a city bursting at the seams despite its small size. There are always exciting things to see and do and all in a beautiful setting near the Shenandoah National Park. It's a city that houses 20,000 students during term time, making it an amazing place to meet people and enjoy new experiences.

  • International Corporate Governance & Strategy
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Analysis for Decision Making in a Global Context
  • Researching & Writing a Global Business Thesis
  • Global Market Research & Analysis
  • Doing Business: U.S.
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Guangzhou is the third largest city in China and the largest in South Central China, Guangzhou is part of one of the most populated metropolitan agglomerations in the world. It’s also just a short distance from neighbouring Hong Kong. The city is a major draw for tourists and boasts a strong business foothold in commerce and finance. There is a world of local culinary treats to sample and enjoy, and culture to experience. Guangzhou is a primarily Buddhist city that embraces all walks of life, with several religions coexisting in this busy metropolis.

  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Consumer Behavior Across the Globe
  • International Financial Management
  • Doing Business: China
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Barcelona is the gateway to Europe. A global hub for business, innovation, technology, disruption. A multi-cultural city on the shores of the sun-drenched Mediterranean. Barcelona has it all. From the Esade campus you can access one of the art-deco period’s most glittering jewels: a modern city with world-renowned architecture and art work, bustling with world-class restaurants and framed by mountains and the sea for sports enthusiasts.

  • Managing Innovation in Global Operations
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Cross-Border M&A and Strategic Alliances
  • Business Simulation
  • Researching and Writing a Global Business Thesis II
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in a Global Context
  • Doing Business: EU
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